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Why free branding services just don't cut it

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Branding is a powerful tool that can really make or break your business depending on how it is put to use. It can be easily overlooked and sacrificed by entrepreneurs who are fresh in their entrepreneurial journey and on a shoestring budget and scared that going for quality branding could eat up almost the entirety of their meagre financial means at the beginning. What follows as a result is small businesses and start-ups opt for makeshift branding from online platforms which are either free or inexpensive, and here’s why this can be a costly mistake.

A man in a suit with a cape pointing at the text “Prioritise your brand. Lacklustre branding won’t get the job done.” on a red background.

Online branding and logo-making websites mainly offer ready-made templates and designs that can be suitably applied to your brand depending, more or less, on filters such as the operating industry. The array of options being offered on such sites really begs the question, especially for smaller entrepreneurs, whether opting for outsourcing their branding exercise to a creative agency is financially speaking or not, a good move? Here’s why it is:

Does it represent what you really stand for?

For customers and business people alike, branding comes across as the visual representation of the business. Your brand makes the first and most lasting impression on customers, way before they use or avail your products or services, and it is precisely here why going the free route online can hamper that first impression. Online branding and logo-making websites often rely on a definite collection of designs which are applied by assessing your brand name and what you offer. Chances are that another business which may have chosen the same free platform you went for could have similar if not same branding. This damages your ability to stand out from amongst the crowd. Free branding platforms, as vast as they have become in their options, fall short in conveying your brand message in the way you want, thus making your brand less impactful and memorable.

A man in a suit with a cape on a graphic blue background. Text in white says, “Be a part of the branding process.”

Limited expression

Perhaps the biggest drawback associated with online logo makers and branding services is their one-sided approach towards branding. New businesses are often unaware of the intricacies of effective and efficient branding. Getting in touch with a creative agency helps them get an inclusive, first-hand experience of the designing process, which we at Grapdes prioritise. Involving clients is a no brainer, because it helps us steer their brand narrative in the direction they first dreamed it to be, a direction which evokes greater creative expression and endeavour.

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