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we strategise, ideate, create and deliver

All this while working remotely

we are Grapdes

Hemanth Purushothaman

creative director

Victoria, Australia

Harsh Daga

business director

Tamil Nadu, India

Sambhav Jain

strategy director

Rajasthan, India

Karthik Narayan

development consultant

Karnataka, India

Anjana Jayalakshmi

marketing consultant

Tamil Nadu, India

Prachi Daga

digital consultant

Tamil Nadu, India

Tanya Vashisth

brand consultant

Karnataka, India

Paarthivie Pillai

digital consultant

Karnataka, India

Vatsal Rao

creative officer

Gujarat, India

Gunjan Singh

project management officer

Uttar Pradesh, India

Lauxley GR

creative officer

Tamil Nadu, India

Samhita Hadagali

content officer

Karnataka, India

Anisha Thomas

digital marketing officer

Tamil Nadu, India

Ayushi Rai

project management officer

Uttar Pradesh, India

Vinisha Rathod

brand officer

Maharashtra, India

Khushi Mehta

creative intern

Maharashtra, India

Dhwani Shiroya

creative intern

Madhya Pradesh, India

In different places, with complementing skillsets, we are a young and connected team that delivers.

We value our partnerships with our clients. We have always worked remotely (since two years pre-COVID), but our process is personal. We are not the only agency that is creative, but our process sets us apart. We work alongside our clients; we seek feedback and we revise. We don’t want to stop at being just an agency, we want to be a part of our clients’ teams. No matter where they are.



We have been working to enable brands and businesses for over three years



The number of brand entities we have worked with.



The number of project areas worked on over the course of time.



A series of retainer contracts signed with our client partners.



A host of industries and sectors impacted.



A growing global footprint, one new country at a time.

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As of 30 September, 2021

our story

In 2018, we started out as a small team of three hoping to create identities that businesses could use to grow their brands. Now, our team has grown and our service has multiplied into services. We are happy to be able to contribute to the growth of businesses across India and the world.


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