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Our Philosophy

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Values are meaningless if not put into action. What we believe in and aspire to be should reflect in our work. But what do we value? What is that one defining characteristic that we can proudly say sets us apart from the rest of the pack? Teamwork.

It’s you and us, together in the process

Branding cannot be an isolated exercise. It is a product of creative thinking, a reflection of the company’s journey. Our approach is built on these exact pillars. We believe that serving our clients includes incorporating their belief system into the entire creative process, to truly produce work which strikes a chord not just with their customers, but also with our clients because it is they who define us. We believe in building relationships that outlast projects.

Workspace: Laptop, coffee mug, notepad, phone with ‘Success is best when it’s shared.’ in bold white letters.

Complementing our abilities, because two is always better than one

Grapdes started with a team of three individuals seeking to combine their expertise, as a team. No one person was more important. Our competencies complement and support each other, fostering an environment that duly recognises the efforts of every member towards the final process. We deliver together because we lead together. Our philosophy is what has forged our identity and allowed us to break the mould, to not just make promises but drive towards fulfilling them in unimagined ways, because we prosper as a collective.



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