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join a team that helps brands communicate better and businesses grow faster

At Grapdes, you’ll get the opportunity to live vicariously through our client partners. Work alongside founders and brand owners to build and grow projects at scale each day; with a young and connected team spread across.


With every project bigger than the previous one, you’ll feel challenged to do better always. You will grow with the deliverables you create.

Fully remote-working

While it’s nothing new anymore, we have been working remotely since our day 1 in 2018. Work from the calm of your home -- wherever that might be for you.

Young team, fresh ideas

We are proudly young, and our client partners value us for the insight our team brings to the table. We package youthful experience that has won awards.

Quality over quantity

We value the quality and skill you have. It doesn't necessarily matter where you're from or what you've done so far, as long as what you do now is of high standards.

working at Grapdes will work for you

what’s good at Grapdes

5-day Work Weeks

All work and no play makes Jack a dull person; weekends are to unwind

Diverse & Inclusive

Only the work to do has norms, everything else is up to you

Flexibility at Work

Need a few hours or the day off to de-stress? Your team’s got your back

Paid Leaves and Annual Break

Easy paid leaves and annual shut-down from Christmas to New Year's

A Fun Team & Environment

We’re a workplace that likes to make work as much fun as possible 

A Virtual Office Space on Gather

We meet and work together. Let’s say we’re virtually-hybrid now

Rated Highly Always

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Mubahila Hasan

Admin Officer

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