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Golden Circle: What, How, and Why

In the ever-evolving ecosystem of brands and consumers, Grapdes plays a unique role in helping brands of various industries define their brand stories and purposes. Thus, defining the core purpose of the brand becomes extremely crucial before moving forward in the brand journey. Customers too often view the brands they closely indulge in as an extension of themselves, thus making it more relevant for marketers and brands to coin their function.

The core to any brand’s positioning starts from wondering about its What, How, and Why? which makes up the Golden Circle of marketing. Before we move into the importance of the golden circle, it's essential to understand the significance of coining the three rings within the circle.

‘What’ is generally a brand’s product offering or service. ‘What is it that your brand is bringing to the market?'

The ‘How’ talks about ‘How your brand differs from its competitors, basically its Unique Selling Proposition, internal and external.'

Lastly, the Why.
Unlike the other two, the Why is often overseen and crucially underrated.

Customers don't merely buy into the product/service your brand is going to offer but the purpose, cause, belief, and reason your brand stands for. Legendary brands that have become a part of our daily consumer journey have managed to remain market leaders specifically by coining and practising their ideologies.

Let’s take Nike for example, their philosophy has been ‘to make you move’ to push you beyond your hindrances, insecurities, and thoughts. One cannot think of the phrase ‘just do it’ without invoking the brand’s core purpose and the same is quite fitting for a fitness brand.

How does a customer buy?