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What is: Branding

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Identity is the single most important aspect of any business. It is what distinguishes one business from the other, and in the light of the cutthroat competition in today’s over-saturated marketplace, identity is by far the most difficult to build and maintain. By leveraging a unique design, name or symbol and associating them with the business, branding facilitates the process of developing an identity for a business. It helps in expressing what a business has to offer and how it wishes to be perceived by its target market.

Branding is not restricted to the logo or name of the business. It involves a host of other activities including strategies, advertising, customer service, and goodwill -- all of which operate in cohesion to support the growth of the company. A well thought-out and structured branding strategy goes a long way in separating the USP of one business from the generality of the market and building customer loyalty in the process. Apple perfectly represents how engaging customers through powerful branding can provide a platform for further marketing and pushing sales.

A close-up shot of a group of Coca-Cola bottles on a red background.

But why is branding important?

Branding acts as a precursor to the business’s marketing and if done improperly, can generate poor leads and therefore waste the marketing budget of the business. Effective branding significantly contributes to increasing the business’s presence and leverage in the industry. The business not only creates a positive and lasting impression in the eyes of its customers but also makes them repose faith in the brand, portraying the brand’s excellence in its field.

Businesses often fail to understand how critical a professional branding strategy is to their operations. Branding has an all-encompassing effect on the business’s working, impacting not only product promotions and sale but also affecting the perception of its employees. Nobody prefers to work for a business with a weak identity in the market -- one which fails to inspire them to invest their energy in driving the business forward. Through aggressive and focused branding efforts, businesses can greatly enhance employee satisfaction, imbibing in them a sense of pride which pushes them to contribute to the betterment of the brand.

Branding at Grapdes

Innovation and creativity are at the helm of Grapdes’ efforts. We understand the importance of analyzing all aspects of our client’s businesses to ensure that we provide tailor-made services that can take their businesses to the next level. We remain committed to ensuring no efforts are spared in our process and that focusing our efforts on the basics is key in building a brand from the ground up. Branding is a journey which requires passion and at Grapdes, we have exactly that.


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