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Canva: Is just getting the job done enough?

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic designing platform that provides a variety of design features ranging from logo design to brochure designing. For newbie businesses with a lack of financial resources, Canva may come across as the promised land for their entire branding process. The way it works is by providing users templates to fulfil their branding needs. But it is in going the template route for your brand that could make you miss out on a lot.

Templates are readymade, customizable samples that can be used to base your entire branding collateral off of. Their very enticing prospect and limited options is exactly why they should be avoided if you want your business to match your aspirations for starting off in the first place. Everybody is after the quick fix. And chances are a number of budding but uninformed entrepreneurs chose Canva for that quick fix. While templates provide a quick solution to branding your business, in comparison to availing the services of a creative agency and going for a more extensive process for making your brand, they suffer from a glaring flaw.

You’re just a passenger. The steering is firmly in Canva’s (and most other free online designing services for that matter) hands. The most you can be is a restricted navigator. Restricted because you get to choose the final destination but not how you get there. And it is how you choose to get there that is the most crucial component of the branding