• Anjana Jayalakshmi

Brand storytelling - the future or a gimmick?

In today’s world, businesses should focus on forming relationships and connecting with their audience on a deeper level.

Brand storytelling is a narrative that weaves a brand’s facts and emotions. Weaving a brand story is a need to ensure that a business has consistency. It assists in maximizing any business’s visibility and profitability.

To simplify, it acts as a brand’s compass for marketing strategies.

With millions of innovators entering the space, a business can have a hard time staying afloat. When businesses communicate similarly, think about how to be distinct. The internet is a boon, helps quality brands to stand out and create their identity.

Facts and stats can help, but shed light on what makes your business thoughtful, memorable, relatable, and real. Construct the story that takes people on a ride, communicates the why, who, what, and how, and instigates an emotional reaction. The history, challenges, achievements, milestones, and values are part of the story.

What should your audience remember your business as? What is the message? What’s the tone of voice, the kind of emotion you would like to evoke? Sometimes, messages may be forgotten but not how you made them feel - the experience of receiving the message. Let the emotion drive them to be part of your story and business.

To build a community, think about a unique selling proposition, not only in terms of physical offerings but the intangible aspects - like will customers be able to save the environment? Will it be able to make them feel bold, brave, and different from the crowd?

Let the brand story craft a connection, build a community, and stimulate conversations. Once trust is gained, word-of-mouth advertising will become an innate process.

It’s noisy in any industry, a brand story creates the calm in the cosmic chaos all businesses seem to be a part of. Thinking about making noise; let the brand story create an impact.

Today, marketing no longer continues to be the key differentiator. People want to support a cause, be part of something greater than themselves, and just a purchase or a transaction. The vision and mission matter, stick to your roots and build on them. Let consumers gravitate to your goals and dreams.

Lead your brand story. Think about the secret sauce that inspires and creates relevance. The story should create empathy, consumers will be able to relate to the business. People are wired to listen to a story and connect to it. This creates a lasting impression.

When creating a marketing plan or strategy, don’t forget to ask yourself, “what’s the big picture?” Be human, let your brand have a soul, and communicate the true essence of it.

A brand story is the first step to creating a legacy.


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