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The power and persuasiveness of Copywriting

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Let us start by understanding what copywriting is.

By definition, it is the process of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

Here are some popular copies that will help you understand what that means better

When one says - “Just do it”, you don’t even have to try to picture Nike’s swoosh logo. Similarly, if you hear the words “I’m loving it”, you might just hum “tadata-tada” or start craving a McDonald’s burger. These copies were written in order to enhance brand identity and raise brand awareness and they have done just that!

Powerful copywriting is persuasive and sends a compelling message, instantly helping consumers understand the brand and connect that understanding to how that brand can benefit them.

What makes copywriting powerful?

In this day and age when people are overstimulated and overloaded with information, it is no secret that lives are faster and attention spans are shorter. We have adapted to mindsets that quicken slow processes and save time. Crisp, short, yet effective copies thus say a lot without saying much without the masses having to read a detailed brand description in order to understand what a brand represents. More importantly, copywriting helps capture a brand’s essence and purpose, making the brand distinctive, and setting it apart from other brands by giving it a unique value proposition.

Copies need to have an impact on the psyche and be retained in memories and for that, they need to be catchy and be able to captivate the essence of a brand and what it provides and stands for. When they do, they have a significant place among the retained information in people’s minds and that is what makes copywriting powerful!

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Graphic: a man withing spiralling webpages, tapping on one as he explores digitally.

The process: Get creative

There’s a lot one can do with a single phrase or sentence. A catchy phrase can be witty or cheeky, yet informative. A lot can be conveyed in a couple of words. Think of how much weight or meaning a phrase can carry and how well it can relate to the brand in question.

Think of examples that can inspire you to write an effective copy and contemplate the tone of the message that the copy can carry. Experiment with words, see what fits, and gauge what combination of words looks and sounds good taking into consideration the influence on the end consumer of the content. Get feedback from friends and colleagues and voila! You have created a captivating copy.

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Persuasion: Getting people to act

Let’s take a clothing store for example. Who makes potential customers for this store? They are those people who read a copy of the store and think something along the lines of either “I must go into this store” or “I must check this place out the next time I come here.

Copywriting plays a significant role in getting people interested in a product or service and ultimately getting them to act. Sometimes, it is the brand’s identity depicted through an impactful copy that turns potential customers into permanent brand patrons.

All in all

Copywriting is a process that drastically contributes to the marketing and consumerism surrounding a brand and adds to its identity predominantly. It is definitely a creative process that can involve a lot of brainstorming, rethinking, and editing but out of this comes the melding together of words to create a significant impact. These words carry out any persuasion or call to action that may otherwise be required in order to urge potential customers to know about the brand. Thus, automatically making copywriting an important part of marketing and creating brand awareness.



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