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How does Interactive writing enhance marketing processes? 

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Have you ever wondered why reading some pieces of writing bore you while others make you want to keep reading? Read on to understand the elements that compel readers to keep reading a piece of writing.

1. Relatability and Connection

Relatable content always piques readers' interest as they find a feeling of validation in anything relatable. Relatability validates a reader’s thought processes or experiences, thus creating a connection between the writer and reader, making space for the reader to feel a sense of belongingness and acceptance. In this manner, relatability brings about connection.

You will find that the best way to bring about relatability and connection in any piece of writing is by being genuine. Human beings share a lot of things that are constant despite our differences. Everyone has felt happiness, sadness, fear, curiosity, and many other feelings that can be very relevant and relatable to any reader’s life. You never know who might deeply resonate and connect with what you put out there, especially when you're being honest and genuine about your take on something.

2. Making room for unconventional thinking

This may seem to contradict the relatability point, but not quite! Yes, relatability helps with making a piece of writing more conversational and interactive. However, unconventional thought processes challenge people to broaden their perspectives and get them thinking too! In fact, if you are writing about something unusual, orthodox, and out of the box and providing an alternative perspective on something, this can capture a reader’s interest by providing inspiration or encouraging innovative thinking.