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The 2020-Shock: Future of Advertising

Predicting the future of advertising has never been a hassle – but add a pandemic, ethical use of algorithms, changing practices in the e-commerce industry, social and environmental issues – predicting the future has just gotten a tad-bit harder.

When one thinks about it, predicting the future may be easy, but getting it spot-on is the concern.

So, what has COVID-19 disrupted and caused an upheaval? The e-commerce industry has seen a significant rise; new trends & experiences; and of course the rise in concern for ethical codes and values.

Let’s go back in time – a time where Google, Facebook, and Apple dominated the advertising world.

However, post Covid-19, it is evident that privacy, e-commerce, government laws and regulations, the inception of 5G – all of these combined are bound to disrupt the world.

One’s opinion can be, “Nothing beats Search and Mobile, why bother with anything else?” – Well, to answer, it is data-churning, algorithm, research, and of course appealing content and segmenting, targeting, and positioning through