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The 2020-Shock: Future of Advertising

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A hand holding a “Trust is vital” call-out. The text beside it says, “2020’s magical impact is endorsement.”

Predicting the future of advertising has never been a hassle – but add a pandemic, ethical use of algorithms, changing practices in the e-commerce industry, social and environmental issues – predicting the future has just gotten a tad-bit harder.

When one thinks about it, predicting the future may be easy, but getting it spot-on is the concern.

So, what has COVID-19 disrupted and caused an upheaval? The e-commerce industry has seen a significant rise; new trends & experiences; and of course the rise in concern for ethical codes and values.

Let’s go back in time – a time where Google, Facebook, and Apple dominated the advertising world.

However, post Covid-19, it is evident that privacy, e-commerce, government laws and regulations, the inception of 5G – all of these combined are bound to disrupt the world.

One’s opinion can be, “Nothing beats Search and Mobile, why bother with anything else?” – Well, to answer, it is data-churning, algorithm, research, and of course appealing content and segmenting, targeting, and positioning through advertising.

A cluster of “?” call-outs, with text beside it asking, “Are search and mobile enough to sustain?”

The rise in e-commerce is not going to stop anytime soon – it has been a bang-on winner! From making consumers' lives easier to create a legacy on this – people’s needs of today have been formulated yesterday.

At Grapdes, we think about in the course of 10 years, how can brands influence and assure their patrons to value and pay for ethically and morally produced goods and services – especially in an e-commerce world?

2020's magical impact is 'endorsement'. Brands need them. Brands will forever need them. It’s the mother endorsing a product in the household that speaks volumes and creates an impact.

It’s a virtual world, but how can brands make it personal? The growth of adaptation is a conundrum for most brands – but adaptability is the key, and the path towards it is the story!

The next decade is certainly a mystery, no one can anticipate it – but the brands that have adapted to change, especially during the pandemic, have thrived in the industry. The ability and capability to accept and welcome change will elevate the brand and put it on a pedestal.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea that needs to be incepted. Need assistance on your brand to be put on a pedestal? You’re in the right place! Let’s find the solution to your challenge. Let’s get in touch! Contact us now.



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