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Few tips to ensure your digital experience stands out

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Graphic: Earth drawn with the pen tool in software. Text-box graphic says, “Bring the world closer. One design at a time.”

Design helps us to create and communicate. It bridges the gap between content and creativity.

Businesses learn the art of communication and customers tend to comprehend and recall that very information. This sparks innovation and evokes a sense of emotion, pride, and welcomes prosperity.

Here are 5 tips on how to ensure your digital experience stands out:

1. Find points of exclusion

Be proactive. Anticipate the future and seek it.

There are opportunities in challenges, it is important to look for points of exclusion. But, what does this mean?

Certain people feel ‘left out’ during digital experiences. Understand the user journey, gather information, find the loopholes, and fix it! Understanding how these challenges will create opportunities and finding solutions for them will help to comprehend how and why people feel left out.

This will help you to plan an SoP and take the apt steps towards fixing this challenge.

2. Identify situational challenges

Once we understand the journey, identify and gather information of situations where they feel like they are not being heard or understood.

Consider the video, audio, GIF, creatives, etc. – understand the impact it may bring on your audience members, and if there are unforeseen challenges in that process.

Then again, this comes with experience and feedback. Therefore, be open to feedback, comments, and criticisms.

3. Offer different ways to engage

When you’re running advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, or any application for that matter – offer your audience members different ways to communicate with you. With different options, users can opt. You’re giving them the control.

4. Don't use colour as the ONLY graphical means of passing on information

Colour is an excellent way of communicating information, it can evoke emotions, bring about a vibe when one sees a creative – but let it not be the only way to communicate.

Using additional elements, like charts, graphs, infographics, texts, numbers, shapes, etc – one does not only have to rely on colour perception.

5. Ensure adequate contrast between text & its background

When designing a creative, the foreground must also be given a sufficient amount of importance. The contrast must ensure it is in sync with the background and other elements that are incorporated while creating the post.

Black bold text “Designers:” followed by a white text “Creating magic and communicating spirits” with the ‘s’ shaped as a computer mouse’s wire.

Grow with Grapdes

Grapdes believes that the world is without strangers. While strategizing, ideating, creating, and delivering, the team ensures to keep in mind a slogan, ‘the world is small’.

Through this, having the best interest of our patrons, we create innovative means to communicate the message. We are more than marketers, we are storytellers that continue to explore the spark that brings brands to life.

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