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Staying relevant during COVID-19: Online Presence

These are unprecedented times for businesses all around the world. With a cloud of uncertainty surrounding us, business owners and brand managers alike are eagerly waiting for normal service to resume, with revenues taking a hit, especially for businesses that were predominantly operating through offline channels during the pre-COVID 19 period. Some businesses, however, remain relatively unfazed. Why so, you ask? Simply put: Online presence.

Social media and online marketing have become indispensable tools for projecting your brand, business, or product. Having a physical presence just doesn’t cut it in today’s competition and with lockdown seemingly becoming the norm, transitioning to and maintaining an online presence is a make or break for any business.

Keeping customers engaged is vital for the sustainability of any brand, but how should one go about it? Pay attention:-

1. Keep your customers updated: Informing customers about the problems your business is encountering during the pandemic can help build a sense of understanding. Sharing timely updates regarding the resumption of services goes a step further in enhancing the trustworthiness of your brand.

2. Website curation: Having a website is the first sign of online presence. For businesses currently without a website, there’s no better time to start one. Businesses already having a website should target putting out relevant content, eg. explaining post-COVID-19 strategies, how your business is currently operating, etc.

3. Build social media interaction: Utilising various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter,