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Staying relevant during COVID-19: Online Presence

These are unprecedented times for businesses all around the world. With a cloud of uncertainty surrounding us, business owners and brand managers alike are eagerly waiting for normal service to resume, with revenues taking a hit, especially for businesses that were predominantly operating through offline channels during the pre-COVID 19 period. Some businesses, however, remain relatively unfazed. Why so, you ask? Simply put: Online presence.

Social media and online marketing have become indispensable tools for projecting your brand, business, or product. Having a physical presence just doesn’t cut it in today’s competition and with lockdown seemingly becoming the norm, transitioning to and maintaining an online presence is a make or break for any business.

Keeping customers engaged is vital for the sustainability of any brand, but how should one go about it? Pay attention:-

1. Keep your customers updated: Informing customers about the problems your business is encountering during the pandemic can help build a sense of understanding. Sharing timely updates regarding the resumption of services goes a step further in enhancing the trustworthiness of your brand.

2. Website curation: Having a website is the first sign of online presence. For businesses currently without a website, there’s no better time to start one. Businesses already having a website should target putting out relevant content, eg. explaining post-COVID-19 strategies, how your business is currently operating, etc.

3. Build social media interaction: Utilising various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for addressing any grievances customers may be having during this unique situation. Start by identifying the platforms where your customers are the most proactive and start interacting accordingly. With everyone stuck at home and constantly on the internet, live streaming and Q&A sessions not only generate traction but assure customers that you’re there for them for the long term.

And, last but not least:

GRAPDES! No one understands online presence as we do! Working remotely may be new for many but not for us. Maintaining an online presence has been our only go-to from day one, operating seamlessly in spite of geographical boundaries. We believe that delivering on our client’s expectations does not require physical interaction and presence. The world is online and so should you be!

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