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Quick Commerce: Evolving Landscape of E-commerce Delivery

The e-commerce supply side is undergoing a massive transformation as we see the emergence of hyper-local delivery format. COVID-19 induced lockdowns affected the supply chain across industries causing people to experience problems purchasing day-to-day essentials. This led to a massive shift in buying behaviour as people switched to buying groceries and perishables online. To answer the rising demand for instant deliveries and satisfy the convenience factor, e-commerce and delivery platforms started building the quick-delivery framework promising delivery in 10-30 minutes.

In August 2020, Swiggy launched Instamart to provide quick delivery of groceries and essentials targeting 15-minute deliveries in early 2022 from the current turnaround time of 30-45 minutes; Dunzo, rolled out Dunzo Daily in Bengaluru for instant delivery of groceries within19 minutes earlier in 2021 based on the motto of groceries being delivered abhi ke abhi.

Grofers recently rebranded itself to Blinkit to shift the focus to quick fulfilment. The refreshed brand identity with a new mission statement — “instant commerce indistinguishable from magic” will be shutting down all locations that it cannot service within 10 minutes. Zepto (the latest entrant in the quick-commerce segment) plans to offer 10-minute grocery delivery to its customers by investing in developing a wide network of ‘dark stores’.