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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We, at Grapdes (pronounced: grap-dae), began with a very simple idea in mind—we wanted to be a flexible, new-age design agency. Our name is a simple amalgamation of the words ‘Graphic’ and ‘Design(ers)’, for we felt it best represented who we are together and what we do in general. We are a cloud-based creative agency bringing design and brand experiences to life one at a time.

Book titled ‘Change by Design’ placed on a yellow table, alongside a smartphone and a tablet.

We are three people that built Grapdes. The challenge for us with our brand’s visual identity was that we wanted for it to best represent all of us both individually and as a team. After a lot of thought, we finally liked the idea of picking out three colors and working our way forward to best characterize our individuality, and what we bring to the table working together.

Our logomark is a mesh, made of those three colours—teal, purple and pink. It is a symbol of our unity and closeness as a team. We see things through this mesh, to go ahead and pursue our mission of generating ideas to alter perception, and to transform those thoughts into design. Our endeavour is to devise strategies to create brands that interact with people to go on and live alongside them. We aspire to grow by challenging the status quo, and we aspire to be the best at what we do. We are Grapdes, and this is us, to begin with.



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