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Bucking the mainstream, since day one

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

As a smaller creative agency, becoming lost in the competitive might of the designing industry would have been a relatively easy task. But at Grapdes, we strive towards breaking the norm. We’re not part of the trend; we set benchmarks, benchmarks that we are committed to improving with every new project we take on.

Graphic: A frog confidently sitting on a roller skate on a blue background. Text in bright red says, ‘Bucking the mainstream since day one.’

Our work reflects our determination to exceed client expectations in the best possible way, every time. We bring to the table energy and zeal because we are passionate about what we do. Building partnerships and future-ready brands are what drive us.

Being a start-up ourselves, we understand how make or break the branding process can be in gaining traction, and the Goliath that is customer attention. Having experienced the grind, we want our clients to be saved from the hassle, to project what’s right and carve out an identity that distinctly stands on its own. We’re not afraid to question every step of the process because we owe a duty to our clients, a duty to leave no stone unturned in creating the extraordinary. Focus on what matters and leave the rest to us: let us be David.



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