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Beyond the world of words: the intricate interplay of colours and content

Picture yourself on a train, en route…well, somewhere. The train’s rhythmic movement seems to slow down time. You watch the world go by in a blur.

Suddenly, like a moment of ‘eureka!’, a vibrant green advert appears on a nearby wall. Its earthy palette and sun-like yellow text draw you in. You begin to read the words that accompany the advert.

Whoop. The train zooms by, and in mere seconds, it is gone. As you look back, trying to catch a final glimpse, the feeling of almostttt completing the entire piece stays with you. You refuse to let it slip away.

You scramble to recall every word, every detail and add weird keywords in your online search. Despite your valiant efforts, the advert remains out of reach.

You lean back in your seat, letting out a sigh of longing. But a tinge of hope lingers as you gaze out the train window, awaiting the chance to pass by it once more. Oh, the regret of missing out on what could have been the greatest advert ever! Such a loss, such a tragedy!

The tale does not end here.

Now, you might think this dramatic tale is purely fictional (and too long), but let us assure you, it carries a kernel of truth.

Impactful adverts are the ones that not only bring immense product or service value to the table but also, in their own subtle way, scream that no one could have done it better.

To master these, you need to deeply understand them and their effects to the core. The power that colours and content hold over our human brains is truly unmatched.

They have the ability to extract emotions we didn’t even know existed.

They unite like the stuff of dreams. And speaking of dreams, how could we miss out on this bold move fuelled by ambition?

Popular for empowering women, L'Oréal took a peculiar route of delivery, conveying a highly nuanced message that prompts us to reconsider their perspective. Sticking to their tones of deep red, a colour often associated with femininity, the cosmetics brand urges us to offer all the attention we have! Whereas the maroon vignette on the edges adds sophistication and seriousness, concentrating the focus on the central message. All those school-time balancing equations are finally coming in handy.

The commanding and assertive tone still maintains a sense of inclusivity. Using all caps? That’s one pressing way of challenging the viewers’ assumptions (we love it). The progression of lipsticks doesn’t only represent the quota but also acts as a metaphor for increasing levels of commitment to gender diversity.

By juxtaposing unrelated concepts of lipsticks and leadership, the assertive language and masterful blend of colours encourage us to pause and reflect. You go, girl(boss)!

But do not go too hard, we do not want to fall in love (unless it’s with food). We bet Zomato agrees! Using red to their favour, they excite the reader and stimulate their appetite for the content! While the tone is playful and light-hearted, it’s as if the advert is sharing an inside joke, basically asking us to be friends. We see right through your conversational skills, Zomato.

Adding a local flavour has always made things better. Utilising Hindi’s relatability and dhokla-dhoka familiarity, they develop a creative shift that subverts expectations and twists the advert into a positive and engaging context. With a dual interpretation of humour and intrigue. A true ‘aha!’ moment in the form of hues and words.

From hues to words

Each hue carries its own significance. They can captivate and stir the depths of emotions. They can evoke curiosity, joy, excitement, or even trust. In a marketing campaign, the palette plays a significant role in establishing the brand identity while delivering it to the audience.

Colour psychology has been used to ‘sell’ a product, persona, and brand for a very long time. Whether it’s the cool blue Facebook or the prime purple of Barbie, colours paint a vivid canvas that speaks directly to our hearts.

But it takes two to tango.

Here, Ricola charmingly sets an optimistic and cheerful foundation for the advert by utilising a chirpy yellow (anyone else thinking about Tweety?), encapsulating the goodness of “good” news. Adding to this, the green typography encourages us to think beyond the surface level with a breath of fresh air! Support the greens, guys.

The tone strikes a playful yet empathetic chord in our hearts. They reinforce their service of providing cough relief and emphasise vitality and the need to deliver the correct (and intended) message. And let’s not leave the parenthetical “cough,” which makes it seem like a genuine observation rather than a mere complement, all while adding a tinge of humour!

And who doesn’t love a clever copy? Well, we certainly know who does, but they do not have a name.

No, seriously.

No Name, a grocery brand, casts a spell on us that heightens our receptivity to their underlining message with their consistent yellow narrative.

The no-frills ethos embodies a meta-commentary on the essence of the scene we witness, entailing a clever nod to the fact that we’re observing an advert. The sheer lack of tone is what makes the ordinary - extraordinary! This sly twist pushes us to look beyond the materialism of brand names and popularity and forms a deeper appreciation for value-driven products.

The monochromatic setting and the distinct message of labelling are both insightful and witty. While it speaks to the audience on multiple levels, it is simple and to be honest? Insanely chuckle-worthy! Ah, the subtleties of regular life.

Alexa, play ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong!

When you partner thought-provoking content with emotion-evoking colours, you get the perfect rhythm. The art of crafting compelling content guides the audiences through a narrative that sparks the imagination. Awareness, consideration, persuasion, and compulsion are stages of weaving words together that lead one from intrigue to satisfaction.

The synergy

Colours and content complement and elevate each other in different possible ways.

They take us to a world of storytellers where emotions are whispered and conversations are painted.

Just as you eagerly searched for the remnants of that advert, wanting to read its entire message, colours and content work hand-in-hand to highlight messages and guide the audience’s attention.

And nothing else catches attention better than HD.

Razer’s energetic brand personality can be vividly seen in their advertisements. Setting a dramatic stage with the usage of black, the tech guru symbolises power, sophistication, and mystery. The dusty green accents stand out bolding and reflect the brand’s purpose of growth and innovation.

The central placement makes an impactful brand image in the brains (or CPUs) of the audience, while the glow echoes the advert’s tagline of reinforcing the notion of hidden potential. The referenced use of “beauty” and “beast” hints at a metamorphosis from a mere aesthetic appearance to a formidable prowess. A tale that we know, is instilled again, urging us to notice that the product is an epic story itself. Razer intriguingly resonates with the audience, inviting them to explore and appreciate, which we do! Being a sucker for wordplay is not fun.

Just kidding. It is fun. We lied.

Here, Dollar Shave Club’s playful and cheeky wordplay sparks a moment of realisation of their cost-friendly nature. It doesn’t only add an extra layer of interest but makes the viewer feel like they’re in on something special.

Comforted and welcomed - the feelings this strategic and dynamic orange evokes within you. But the highlight? The top-down view! A pleasant sense of shared understanding. Looks like we’ve discovered a hidden gem. Quick, let’s stash it away *hehe*.

However, it goes beyond choice.

The colour selection needs to be careful and align with the brand personality and the emotions it intends to evoke to enhance the impact of the content. Similarly, the choice of words, tone, and storytelling techniques amplify the visuals and emotional connection created by the colours.

This interplay curates an immersive experience, captivating their attention, and leading them towards the desired action. This fusion brings campaigns to life, converting mere communication into a blissful journey.

Guiding the way

The strategic use of colours and persuasive content requires a deep understanding of the market, consumer preferences, and your own brand.

By indulging yourself in market research, analysing consumer insights, and defining your brand identity, you can come one step closer to selecting the right palette and tone for your brand!

And Oscar Health nailed it.

Their conscious use of blue delivers their message of being trustworthy and reliable. They create an environment of stability along with a sense of security, which aligns perfectly with the concept of (health) insurance. But the light-hearted tone establishes a more approachable atmosphere.

They resonate with the audience by introducing a safety net, offering a solution to the problem humorously mentioned.

This advert is a brilliant example of turning the worst-case scenario into a digestible, reassuring, and jolly setting. A concise copy (mostly) communicates a clear value proposition - a stress-free and comprehensible solution.

You can also dive into the psyche of your audience to help you choose colours that speak directly to their requirements. Identifying trends, competitor strategies, and customer behaviour is another way to gain invaluable insights.

But most importantly, you need to clarify your brand values, personality, and USPs. This will not only provide you with streamlined direction colours but also a vision of creating content that represents your brand’s essence authentically.

The right palette can enhance the impact of your content, and vice-versa!

Until next time

Persuasive writing can reinforce the emotional connection and messaging conveyed by chosen colours, leading to a cohesive brand experience. This powerplay ensures that your campaign leaves a lasting impression, and contributes to the success of your marketing efforts.

The potential of the interplay between content and colours is immense, allowing you to create campaigns that resonate deeply, engage efficiently, and drive meaningful results.

Hope you have a great time advert-ing!


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