The leadership team of Virtue Salon & Spa was working in the beauty industry for many years and was closely associated with numerous renowned hair & skincare brands. Utilising the years of experience of the leadership team, Virtue Salon & Spa is a brand that is known for providing a luxurious experience and premium makeover- a place for pampering and rejuvenation.

With a single-minded agenda to offer a zen environment that helps to escape from the routine chaos, the salon provides a refreshing experience that is personally curated for each client that walks through its doors. To capture this vision and create an identity representing a brand that stands for delivering flawless beauty & wellness-related services to its customers, Virtue approached us.

Virtue Salon & Spa caters to patrons looking for unique, professional, and consistent grooming experiences by creating a welcoming, calm and relaxing space.


The first step of the process for our Strategy and Creative teams was to deconstruct the brief to better understand the vision of the founders. The next step for our team was to lay down multiple possible user personas based on the services offered to collect actionable insights related to the target market and deeply understand customer sensibilities.

Keeping up with the trends and considering the consumer insights the brand personality is devised that is simple, sophisticated, confident and calm. Based on the minimal, clean and stylish physique attributes the visual identity draws close inspiration from a tropical theme represented by pinks and greens. Following the visual identity, the interior settings of the salon are based on the concept of rejuvenation and exuberance that is best suited to take the patrons on a transformational journey through the salon’s services.



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Virtue® Salon & Spa


Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Packaging, Collateral Design, Social Media Management


With its visual identity, Virtue Salon & Spa has been able to successfully launch, attract customers and act as a gateway for people looking to have luxurious grooming services.


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