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Health-conscious consumerism is a rapidly saturating market. Having access to genuinely organic or hydroponic fruits and vegetables is challenging when customers are presented with countless and often deceiving options. Trowe sought to remedy this with a transparent and socially-responsible approach.

Amplio Food & Beverages approached us with the brief to curate the positioning and design the visual language for their D2C brand. We had to bear in mind the market saturation and the trust deficit in the minds of consumers in this area while developing the communication and collateral.

Trowe: A provider of hygienic, nutritious, and sustainably-sourced fresh produce and dairy products delivered directly to customer's doorsteps.


The brand strategy was developed to create an identity with two main personality traits: balanced living and a sophisticated outlook. Our research backed the hypothesis that this was necessary to appeal to the target market which did not mind paying a premium for clean & nutritious food but definitely expected their money’s worth.

We named the brand with inspiration from “trove”. With a similar positioning to the root word, the brand name was perfect for the crux of the messaging by the brand to be a premium shop for all things clean-living. We created a unique tone of voice for brand to reinforce trust through transparency and represented it through design using a minimal, pleasing, and delicate physique. The branding flowed naturally throughout the customer journey, right from the packaging to the point of sale, with a key factor of elegance and sophistication.


FMCG + New-age Farming

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Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Design, Packaging Design, Collateral Design

The brand and visual identity of Trowe, right from the logo to the tone of voice and packaging are now implemented in the pilot runs at multiple upscale housing societies in Delhi NCR. The branding has added flight in the wings of the product and is helping Trowe create brand recall, thereby contributing significantly to consumer stickiness and repeat sales each week.