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With the increased awareness around curated diets, ProLoaf intended to provide the market with a proper solution to the demand for protein-rich foods. The brief was to ensure that the brand was able to appeal to the niche target market and was able to develop brand loyalty in its customers. As an upcoming brand, the identity had to be good enough to challenge the existing brands.

ProLoaf: A specialist in performance nutrition that manufactures and sells protein-rich breads tailored for health-conscious individuals.


ProLoaf is a brand centred around the values of strength, reliability, and commitment. The brand identity of ProLoaf is centred around its vision to deliver performance-nutrition with much more ease. We developed the identity carefully so as to solve the problems ProLoaf approached us with. For example, the elements of the logo together reflect the core idea behind ProLoaf: protein-rich bread and nutrition/strength. We set things up for them through their packaging design and other marketing collateral.



case study

The ProLoaf & Co.


Branding, Packaging Design, Collateral Design

Our branding helped the company conduct its trials and consumer studies with much ease and gave its focus groups further confidence in the product and its USP.