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The Star Valley team wanted a modern brand identity for their upcoming store in a populated residential area of Chennai. The plan was to launch the store and then subsequently also launch an in-house line of food items -- particularly foodgrains, pulses, etc.

Star Valley: A comprehensive supermarket catering to a wide range of food items and snacks, serving the residents of Chennai, India.


Our solution for the project was to keep the branding simple and focus on the brand’s name and its driving principles. We decided to implement colours from the parent identity of the corporate office running the store and align the values of the brand with that of sustainability and conscious consumption.



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Star Valley®


Brand Design, Collateral Design, Packaging Design

Although delayed due to the pandemic lockdowns, the launch of the store was marked with great pomp and was able to differentiate itself from its competitors located around. With a clear vision, the store started rapid sales growth due to its collection of varied products, accentuated better with its branding.