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The South India group businesses trade in the textile market by procuring children’s clothing, etc. from different parts of India and distributes in others. They bridge the gap in the market by ensuring that every geography has everything that they want and are able to sell everything else that they have more of. With a firm grip over the market, South India has been around for over 10 years. With the growth, they wanted to earmark the size of their business with a fresh visual identity that showcases them to be the leaders in the market that they are today.

South India group: South India Marketing & its affiliated companies specialize in B2B trading of children's clothing and hosiery, sourcing from various regions across India.


The corporate identity revolves around the idea of selling. The South India identity system has been developed for three sister concerns dealing in the same market. The system creates an architecture where all three brands have similar brand assets and are differentiated only by their logotype (the names on the logos). This architecture reinforces the brand’s goodwill to draws an unmissable connection between all three. This enables the creation of a larger brand image for the South India group of businesses which benefits all the three simultaneously.


B2B Trading

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South India Group


Branding, Collateral Design, Communication Design

The rebrand was launched to the customers and partners by the company at a trade fair amid much celebration. With the rebranding, South India has reinvigorated its sales channels and is doubling down on its orders to grow from strength to strength -- appropriately supported by its new corporate identity.