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Shreeda Wealth: A full-financial products and services company predominantly catering to HNIs and corporate clientele.


Financial Services

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Shreeda Wealth


Brand Strategy & Naming, Brand Design & Collateral Design


The company is operating in the financial advisory & services sector since 2005 without having a consistent brand identity. While able to efficiently achieve business targets the company was facing challenges to build a recognizable brand image among its domestic and international customers and potential clientele. The management of the company approached us to rebrand and develop an approachable identity in line with the company’s vision.

Shreeda Wealth is on a mission to empower the target audience through financial awareness and necessary advisory. The company intends to transform the lives of its customers by creating wealth by following an ethical, prudent and transparent approach.


Brand Strategy & Naming

After multiple discovery sessions and one-on-one interviews with various stakeholders of the company, we decided to develop a brand identity that is poised and assuring. After carefully analyzing the cohorts of the target audience the brand name is an inspiration from the Sanskrit term “Shree” denoting wealth and prosperity.

Brand Design

As a brand, Shreeda Wealth seeks to inspire trust in its client base to advise them in their financial journey by offering a host of financial products and services. The tone of voice and personality of the brand is devised on an action-oriented approach to represent a passionate and knowledgeable team.

The logo of the corporate identity of Shreeda Wealth is a minimal mark representing the company’s goals of empowering and financially equipping the target audience. The logomark is majorly inspired by the Sanksrit character with subtle indications of the industry brand operates in. These are the arrowhead pointing upwards to symbolize growth and the candle bar graph lines to establish an association with the dynamic nature of the finance market.


With the transformed brand identity and new brand name, the company has been able to successfully address the challenges related to the consistency, non-recognition of the brand among its patrons and streamline communication for better recall.

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