Brand visibility and recall are the two key challenges any small-business founder has to overcome. We were tasked with curating the strategy and design execution for the Sabby’s brand in a heavily saturated market in Mumbai and its suburbs. After all, Sabby’s Patisserie wished to be at the top of any dessert-lover’s wishlist.

Sabby’s is a home-bakery in Mumbai that makes delicious cakes and other baked desserts.


To break away from the cliched, the brand was characterized as playful and chilled-out. To align with the founder’s vision of the bakery, we felt it was important for the visual identity to be young, effeminate, and celebratory. All collateral and packaging are carefully designed to best encapsulate their spirit, and to communicate with a loving and welcoming tone of voice.



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Sabby’s Patisserie


Naming, Brand Design, Collateral Design, Packaging Design


Amongst its small but loyal customer base today, Sabby’s embodies their love for the baked desserts. Our brand design was a huge hit with the customers where the fresh design scheme made it easy to acquire new customers through word of mouth and the “Where’s that from?” factor of the packaging design done.


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