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Quizwhiz: A mobile application-based online quizzing platform designed with the idea of real money gaming at its core.



case study



Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Design, UI/UX Strategy


Urbanplay Entertainment commissioned us to work on the brand identity for a quizzing platform with paid quiz contests offering cash prizes for its users. As a real-money gaming product, the brand identity was going to be crucial in building a trustworthy image in the ecosystem to be able to acquire new users who do not just enjoy quality quiz contests but are also comfortable wagering on them to make handsome winnings. We were to strategize on the entire brand concept and then work on the visual side of it as well.


Given the nature of the product use-case, it was important to balance both the glam and trust for stable growth. We recommended the brand name and helped curate the positioning chart for the brand to help the brand differentiate itself from its competitors. With this, the visual identity started to take shape focusing on the key brand aspects of knowledge and money. With a fresh gradient colour scheme, both the static and dynamic touchpoints got the much-needed impetus for Quizwhiz’s go-to-market phase.


The Quizwhiz brand is now live online and has started acquiring its first few hundred users. Our work has helped their in-house digital marketing team adopt the visual identity and present content to enhance the allure of the brand and its offering.

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