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case study

Q Olympiad


Communication Strategy & Copywriting


Chalkbox approached us for this recently launched offering of theirs with a vision to increase the user retention and stickiness on their apps. They mentioned a very specific need for enhancing their tone of voice for their user-facing communication via the mobile app which constituted the primary touchpoint for the business model.


Our team signed up on the apps to monitor the existing strategy and narrative to gauge the interest the app push notifications could generate thereby impacting the click-through rate on the notifications. We realised a serious need to realign the context and copywriting to something that their target group of students in classes 1 to 8 and of high schools could relate with. We introduced a fresh perspective to all the topics of conversation by including references to pop culture, simple concepts from textbooks, everyday routines to generate content that felt ‘regular’ to the students. By using those, we aimed to rekindle the interest of the students on an app that they had taken a liking for initially.


Soon after the launch and implementation of this new strategy and copywriting, there was continued user feedback noting the change on the tone of voice. Both the parents and students felt a change in the way they saw the app -- more as a study buddy rather than a portal to take their tests for olympiads, etc. After a guided test-run of the new strategy by us for 12 weeks, their in-house copywriting team took over from us to continue improving on the same in the coming months.

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