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In India, with such diverse cultural heritage, tourism is nothing short of a pilgrimage. The rich heritage deserves only to be preserved and carried into the future of the world, which Past Forward as a brand enables.A severe lack of creativity had been plaguing Past Forward along with an outdated and mundane brand identity that failed to entice customers. We were tasked with replace these with an identity with truly explained what the brand does.

Past Forward: A distinguished agency providing premium immersive services and products, bridging the gap between India's forgotten past and its boundless future, breathing life into history.


We recommended that the company eradicate its troubles with a complete design overhaul. The redundant branding was replaced with a more exuberant and befitting identity, greatly enhancing the appeal of the brand amongst its existing and prospective patrons. Over the course of the rebrand, a lot more focus was given to the legacy and the selling point of the company and the brand. We implemented a design scheme which was much more aligned to their services and target audience.



case study

Past Forward


Rebrand Strategy, Brand Design, Collateral Design, Merchandise Design


The rebrand almost acted as fresh lifeblood for the business. The company’s patrons both young and old were able to see the brand in a fresh light with a clear promise of a revamped clarity in its mission to showcase the glory of India’s rich past and of how it helps chart out its growth story moving forward.

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