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oneXtel started operations in 2014 and in over 7 years of operations, the company has come to enable marketing communication and engagement for some of the biggest brands and businesses across industries and was rapidly scaling itself every year. But the corporate identity of the company was not in sync with the vision of the company and was desperately in need of a overhaul to reposition the company as reliable and at par with its competition.

oneXtel: A prominent cloud-communications company offering engaging solutions specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale enterprises.


The first order of action was to get rid of the excess material in its identity and create a visual language that suited a corporate entity of oneXtel’s stature. Our audit revealed that it was necessary to make the corporate communication a lot simpler than it was and to create a visual language that was bold but clean and minimal. To position the brand alongside its competitors as an equal, the oneXtel corporate identity was rebranded to represent the following: youth, initiative, innovation, expertise, and reliability. Across touchpoints, we created visuals that essentially embodied the warmth that characterizes effective communication.



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Rebrand Strategy, Brand Design, Collateral Design, Content Development, Website Design

This exercise immediately boosted the image of the company as not just a service provider but also as an employer. The new visual identity enabled them to look, sell, and hire much more effectively than before. Right from its lead generation numbers to its sales, the new identity supported the company’s growth just as intended at the beginning of the rebrand.