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The task at hand

The Mosaram Shivramdas group, headquartered in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, is a prominent business house engaged in the trade and distribution of various FMCG and consumer durables including fertilizers, salt, cement, farm automobiles, consumer electronics, and mobile phones. The group has thriving business interests in infrastructure, logistics, agriculture, real estate, and entertainment.

Despite a rich history that has been carried forward and consistently built upon over the years, the group was facing challenges that hampered its further growth. 

The group operates a number of businesses across Sitapur, in various industries. The lack of a defined brand system was causing a decreased coherence and consistency in brand positioning, potentially hindering the group's ability to effectively communicate its value proposition and resourcefulness. This meant that despite their extensive business operations and diverse portfolio, their brand recognition was still low and did not commensurate with the scale of their activities. 

Apart from this, the cluttered brand system also affected the internal communication and synergy between the departments and business units. Addressing these challenges was crucial for the Mosaram Shivramdas group to overcome obstacles and unlock further growth opportunities.

Mosaram Shivramdas Group: A dynamic Indian business house with a rich legacy of more than a hundred years overseeing multiple synergistic sub-entities.


Our guiding principles

At the very outset of the collaboration, we understood that the task at hand wasn’t just to create an umbrella brand, but also to ensure a clear definition among the group’s sub-entities. 


The group wanted to ensure that the trust they command, along with their legacy, is carried into the future with even greater zeal. This required us to work closely with the group to thoroughly understand the businesses and how the sub-entities work with each other. 

The group entrusted us with the task of laying a robust brand architecture, creating a brand image and expanding its digital footprint, and we rose to the occasion with enthusiasm. We drew on our wealth of experiences and knowledge, and closely collaborated with the leadership at Mosaram group to help achieve the objectives.


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Mosaram Shivramdas


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About the Mosaram Shivramdas group

Since its inception in 1907, the group has built strong partnerships with esteemed companies such as ITC, Vivo, Bharat Petroleum, JK Super Cement, TAFE and Massey Ferguson, Amaze, Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals, Paradeep Phosphates among others. In addition to their trading and distribution operations, the group's network of warehouses across the state provides essential logistics support to numerous businesses. The group's diverse portfolio also includes ownership of retail spaces, a cinema hall, and a handicraft brand.

With a century-long legacy, the Mosaram Shivramdas Group remains committed to constant innovation, growth, and giving back to society. Through their dedication to providing consumer goods and employment opportunities, their positive influence extends throughout the nation.

Simplifying brand structure 

Through on-ground business discovery and problem statement identification processes where we interviewed various stakeholders including the direct customers (distributors and retailers) and held close discussions with the employees and the leadership, we shaped six sub-entities that would effectively encapsulate the businesses and simplify the brand structure.

  • Mosaram Consumer represents the distributorships of FMCG, electronics and mobile phones, petroleum, and fertilisers.

  • Mosaram Construction represents the group’s presence in cement, infrastructure, and real estate. 

  • Mosaram Motors represents automobile, agricultural implements, and tractors distributions. 

  • Mosaram Entertainment represents the city’s first shopping mall which also features the region’s first multiplex. 

  • Mosaram Supply Chain leases warehousing and supplies logistics solutions to partners. 

  • Mosaram Green Energy nurtures the spirit of sustainable development through the distribution of green energy solutions like solar panels and batteries. 

In addition to these, the Mosaram Shivramdas Foundation undertakes charitable and social initiatives as the group’s corporate social responsibility.

Developing a distinguishable and consistent visual identity

We conducted multiple discussions with the group’s leadership to develop a comprehensive brand that conveys a strong and memorable identity while reflecting the group’s values of integrity, innovation, excellence, and sustainability. 

Through a carefully crafted colour system, consistent visual language that included a distinctive logo system for the parent identity and that of the sub-entities, and various design elements, we were able to ensure an impactful brand architecture and establish a distinguishable brand image. For each sub-entity, we created a unique visual style that accurately reflects their roles and at the same time depicts a synergy with the rest and resonates with that of the parent group.

Throughout the process, we strived to maintain a balance between adding a new dimension of emotional resonance to the brand to create a strong connection with its stakeholders and reinforcing the group's position as a leader. With the logo, vibrant colour palette, clean font and other key brand elements rooted in the group's ethos, the resulting brand identity is a cohesive visual identifier and positions the group for continued success in the years ahead.

Establishing a strong identity with foundational brand elements

1. The logo is a simple and impactful 'M' mark that is a forward-moving and futuristic image creatively designed to capture what the company stands for. As the ‘M’ merges the different avenues we take into a collective vision, Mosaram Shivramdas Group is proud to commit itself to this vision as it grows.

2. The 'One Mosaram' pattern reflects the group's commitment to innovation and growth while adhering to timeless values. The dynamic stripes convey a sense of energy and diversity, while the texture adds depth and character. By using this pattern consistently across various collateral, the brand is able to create a memorable visual identity.