Our client partner, Marrian Farms, developed a plan to launch their fish under a new banner for better brand recall and visibility. The key differentiator for Marrian Fishes is that they sell their fishes' live. This helps maintain the freshness of the product and therefore taste much better in any meal. The product line had to be branded for a competitive market such as Kerala with the most competition arising from local fishermen and vendors.

Marrian Fishes is a freshwater fish brand by Marrian Farms, Kerala and they breed and sell highly nutritious fresh water fishes fed with organic feeds.


With multiple consultations with the Marrian Fishes team, we zeroed on the strategy to shine the most light on the product differentiator not just to highlight the benefits of purchasing Marrian Fishes but also to inspire trust in the target group. Historically, the key pain point for the customers has been the lack of transparency with regard to the freshness of the fish they buy and the quality of it. The brand positioning was done to address both of these problems through visual identity and brand communication.



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Marrian Fishes®


Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Collateral Design, Packaging Design, E-commerce Website Design


The key highlight on ‘live fishes’ has enabled Marrian Fishes to take the fisheries market by storm in Palakkad and its neighbouring districts. With 4 outlets and growing already, our work for Marrian Fishes along with their excellent product is taking the brand to higher customer acquisition and after-sale satisfaction numbers as is evident from the customer feedback and business growth today.


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