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Marrian Farms is a modern and eco-friendly integrated farm with lush greens and healthy livestock curated and maintained for those who wish to have the luxury of reconnecting with nature through the experiencing of simple living, the consumption of organic foods, and the use of wholesome wellness products. We had to create a brand identity for this property with conjoined business models of it being an agricultural farm and a staycation farmhouse.

Marrian Farms: A modern environmentally conscious integrated farm that promotes a sustainable approach to farming and healthy living.


The brand is positioned as a well-maintained and premium agricultural property that is available for both farm tourism and selling of produce through its sub-brands. The visual identity reflects the core brand values of simplicity, sophistication, and the love for nature. The color scheme and the freehand strokes together create recall for the brand.


Agriculture + Tourism

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Marrian Farms®


Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Collateral Design, Communication Design, Environment Design

This sophisticated and sober identity has ensured that Marrian Farms sets off on their business journey without having to worry about how the market perceives them as we have enabled to have complete control of their brand narrative.