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While absolutely renewable sources of energy are still largely unviable as a replacement to the existing fuels that generate power, Fuelflip is working to enable change with other cleaner sources which can be implemented without any disturbance to the quantum of power generated. Among its key offerings is a system that converts diesel-run generator sets to run with piped natural gas as a cleaner alternative. Additionally, they also provide products and services for emission control, maintenance of generator health, etc.

The brief was to create a brand that could break from the usual engineering-obsessed communication to make it easy for the layperson to understand the ease with which their solutions could be adopted.

Fuelflip Energy: An impact technology startup in Delhi NCR offering solutions to reduce the harmful environmental effects of diesel gen-sets.


Our work on creating the brand positioning began with acquiring a detailed understanding of the existing market. We advised the brand to be set up as a friendly but knowledgeable personality. The easy-to-approach tone of voice was key in creating an association with the largest block in the target clientele.

We strategised and ideated on the name for the brand showcasing the core brand purpose to help clients flip their traditional sources of energy to cleaner and greener ones. The name was easy and marks high on the brand recognition front. The visual identity was developed along the same lines in a very modern style to showcase the vision of the brand as attractively as possible.

We also developed the lead-generation and brand awareness website for the client partner wherein key focus was laid on showcasing the right facts through engaging content and copywriting. Our team also manages the brand’s social media assets on a retainer basis by developing and publishing relevant campaigns to increase brand awareness and conversions in the Delhi NCR market.


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Fuelflip Energy™


Brand Strategy & Naming, Brand Design, Collateral Design, Content Strategy, Website Design, Social Media Management

Our brand positioning and design for Fuelflip Energy has found a connection with the target audience. With the curated tone of voice, the brand’s content has struck a chord and has been able to deliver the messaging with an intended focus on living sustainably, using finite fuel efficiently and generating monetary savings in the process.

The work on the website has enabled the brand to reach out to various audiences and stakeholders with much ease and has also made it easy for paid campaigns to get better traction due to the concise messaging on the site.

As an ongoing project, we are creating continuous impact through the social media pages of Fuelflip Energy. On Instagram, content interaction increased by 25 times and followers count is increasing steadily; on Facebook, the post engagements have increased by 4x as at the end of the 5th month of management.

As their full-service brand and marketing partner, we are able to partner with the brand each step of the way and develop all the necessary communication to help them reach their goals with strategic marketing.