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Cricsto targets a niche market of recreational cricketers who play organized sports. The sports equipment industry is structured in a manner that, customers usually prefer to buy sports equipment by visiting a store in person to ensure comfort. The leadership at Cricsto wanted to challenge this buying behaviour. To break the status-quo Cricsto comes with an interesting proposition to provide video reviews and personalized consultations to the customer to ensure an informed purchase decision.

The earlier existing identity lacked a clear brand positioning and brand awareness among the target market audience due to an ill-structured brand foundation. Hence, our task was to execute the complete overhaul of the existing identity.

Cricsto: A personalized shopping experience for recreational Cricketers that brings the latest cricketing equipment from the best brands in the world.


Brand Naming

‘Cricsto’ combination name with “cricket” and “store”.

The concept is based on a strategy of concrete branding around the sport of cricket to provide an accurate description of the business. The second word is modified to retain the phonetics but without the actual spelling for increased memorability.

Strategy & Rebranding

The rebranding narrative articulates the purpose of the brand in an expressive manner using the newly developed sporty, reliable and interactive personality. We curated the brand architecture to ensure a friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic tone of voice across touchpoints.

Social Media

After establishing the brand identity next step for us was to naturally work on brand awareness and increase the digital presence of the new and refreshed identity.



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Brand Strategy & Naming, Brand Design, Packaging & Collateral Design, Social Media Management, Content Management, Website Design

The rebranding process is significantly helping the company boost its revenue alongside improved customer loyalty and increased stickiness.

On the social media front, over the course of 5 months, we have adopted a balanced content approach by publishing value-added topical content, entertaining video content, and product-oriented client media. Resultantly, the Instagram profile registered a massive jump of 300% in followers and more than 400% in interactions at the end of 5 months.