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Corridor Platforms: A state-of-the-art workflow automation platform that helps financial institutions worldwide upgrade their analytics and real-time decisioning capabilities to compete with legacy competitors.


Financial Intelligence

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Corridor Platforms


Website Design


Our involvement commenced with the recognition of critical deficiencies in Corridor's online presence in effective brand communication. Essentially, our task was to undertake a comprehensive website revamp, addressing issues such as dense text and overuse of technical jargons that hindered meaningful client engagement. Alongside enhancing content and UI experience, we aimed to emphasize Corridor's modular nature and compatibility, essential for conveying its value proposition convincingly.

The absence of a clear emphasis on Corridor's modular nature and compatibility compounded challenges in communicating its value proposition. Furthermore, disorganized trial and demo information hampered potential client conversion and retention. This highlighted the necessity for a holistic approach beyond mere content revision and website redesign, prompting us to undertake a thorough reimagining of user flow and navigation to ensure clarity and accessibility.

Our goal was to create a user-centric experience that showcased Corridor's technological sophistication while resonating with diverse stakeholder requirements. From C-suite executives to frontline staff, our aim was to present information in a clear, accessible, and engaging manner, unlocking Corridor's full potential in the ever-evolving and dynamic financial services landscape.


Addressing the content challenges involved a collaborative effort between us and the Corridor Platforms team to ensure that the technical understanding effectively translated into easily understandable content for the website visitors. Taking a content-first approach, we structured the information to clearly articulate the What, Why, and How of Corridor Platforms. We assisted the Corridor team in categorising information based on its relevance to different teams and leadership levels and elaborated sufficiently to facilitate informed decision-making. 

We conducted a competitive analysis to gain nuanced insight into design and presentation strategies employed by businesses in the Finance & Insurance industry. This was followed by creating a distinct visual identity and design scheme along with a carefully selected colour palette that resonates across all web pages. We incorporated illustrations and animations strategically throughout the website to simplify complex concepts and guide users through each section seamlessly. 

Finally, we put together the website for a seamless, intuitive flow. We employed responsive design techniques and rigorous testing to guarantee a consistent and optimal user experience regardless of the device used to access the website. One of the key features developed was an interactive tool that empowers users to identify the most suitable product offering based on their specific needs and existing capabilities. 

A dedicated CMS section for blogs and insights, providing users access to webinars and talks conducted by Corridor Platforms' leadership team, enhancing engagement and knowledge dissemination. Additionally, by adhering to the best SEO practices, we optimised Corridor Platforms' online presence for enhanced discoverability and reach.


Through meticulous development and innovative features, we elevated the overall usability and effectiveness of the Corridor Platforms website. The redesign has significantly enhanced user comprehension and engagement, with a consistent design scheme and colour palette evoking professionalism and modernity, thereby improving readability and user engagement. The implementation of clearer, more accessible content and the revamped interface and responsive design further underscore the platform's professionalism and credibility, solidifying its brand positioning as a leader in the financial industry.

The strategic placement of illustrations and animations throughout the website guides users seamlessly through each section, reinforcing the platform's visual identity and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. 

By categorizing features and content based on relevance to different groups, such as Leadership, Technology, and other teams, we ensured that each audience could easily access the information most pertinent to their roles. This tailored approach not only facilitated informed decision-making but also enhanced the overall user experience.

This tool serves as a user-friendly interface where a user can input their current capabilities and desired capabilities. The user is then pointed to the particular Corridor offering or plan that would best suit their needs.

These animations serve as visual aids that succinctly convey key information, reducing the reliance on dense textual explanations. By leveraging motion graphics and interactive elements, we effectively break down intricate processes and concepts into digestible segments, enhancing user engagement and comprehension.

We crafted a distinct visual language that resonates with Corridor Platforms' brand image. This involved establishing a consistent design scheme, including colour palette, typography, and imagery, that extends seamlessly across all web pages. By adhering to these established guidelines, we created a unified and harmonious aesthetic that reinforces professionalism and modernity throughout the website to instill confidence among the visitors of the website.  

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