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Churroland's dedication to exclusivity shines through in its offerings, which include churros and a range of churro-related treats. To stand out in a dessert market saturated with mainstream options, the primary challenge was introducing this unique concept to consumers.

It sought to create awareness, spark interest, and position churros as a fresh and exciting choice for dessert enthusiasts. The approach to this challenge involved comprehensive retail branding, covering every aspect from packaging system design to brand collateral and business collateral, all tailored to reflect Churroland's commitment to providing a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Churroland: a whimsical indulgence provider for dessert enthusiasts in Bangalore who seek a delightful escape into the world of sweet sensations. With the showstopper being churros, Churroland offers an enriching, crispy yet fluffy experience, just like their products.


Our solution for Churroland is aimed at infusing the brand with a fun, exciting, and affectionate personality. It extended to creating a vibrant logo that radiates energy and playfulness, setting the tone for the entire brand experience. 

Moreover, it entailed designing brand collaterals to reflect this personality with a conversational and authentic flair, enticing customers to engage. It extended to creating the menu that not only informs but also evokes excitement and anticipation, inviting customers to explore the delightful creations; and the packaging to be functional and an extension of the brand's personality, with each collateral telling a story of authenticity and deliciousness.


Food and Beverage, Restaurant/Eatery

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Branding, Packaging Design

Churroland brings a distinct tangent to the dessert culture by introducing a captivating array of churros and churro-inspired delights. With a dedication to redefining indulgence, the brand curates an immersive experience that tantalises taste buds and ignites imaginations. 

By infusing each creation with bold flavours and twists, Churroland evokes excitement and adventure in every churro, or rather, food lover. Fostering a vibrant atmosphere of joy, the brand ensures that every encounter leaves a memorable and delectable impression, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary celebrations of sweetness and delight.

Sweet Delights 

Logo and pattern

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Disneyland logo, we ensured that the Churroland logo taps into the nostalgia and magic associated with a beloved brand, instantly capturing attention and sparking curiosity. The pictorial emblem of churros evokes a sense of joy, anticipation, and playfulness, encouraging the customers to explore further. 

The logotype, with its simple yet premium typeface, adds a touch of sophistication, conveying the brand's commitment to quality and excellence. The tagline "Crispy, Crunchy, Heavenly" reinforces the brand's promise of delivering a heavenly & memorable experience to the brand patrons by serving crispy and crunchy churros.

The pattern and elements serve as visually captivating motifs showcasing a diverse range of churro categories and products, reflecting Churroland's commitment to creativity and originality.

Through the wavy lanes of Churroland…

The menus for Churroland embody its persona through a captivating colour palette and playful yet informative messaging. Adding warmth and richness to the paper and screen menu, we invited customers to indulge in its offerings. 

For example, adding images, elements, and patterns that add bits of whimsy align perfectly with the brand identity and personality. 

Wrapping happiness 

Packaging system

We took a levelled approach for the packaging system, creating a balance between sophistication and playfulness and aligning with Churroland’s jester and magician archetypes. We ensured that each layer on all collateral, which included beverage cups, tubs, big and small boxes, boat boxes, paper boxes with lids, and waffle cones, emphasised the indulgent nature of Churroland’s offerings. 

The fun, exciting, and affectionate tone was maintained throughout with an intriguing and upbeat choice of words and phrases. While keeping fun and tempting messaging, we urged the customers to savour every moment of their experience with compelling and conversational copies. 

Our design strategy was curated to suggest uniqueness, and pique curiosity and anticipation.  Conveying a sense of fulfilment and gratification, the addition of images and engaging graphics and elements, indicate that Churroland provides exactly what customers crave and satisfies their culinary desires. 

When life gives you churros, eat them! 

Posters and Standee


Tapping into the experience of dealing with Bangalore's notorious traffic congestion, we used humour to engage the audience. It ignites curiosity and suggests an immersive journey into Spanish cuisine with a local touch, making it relatable to the target audience.

The wavy, easy-to-read, and upbeat design complements the playful tone of the content, aimed at drawing attention to the standee in a crowded environment.


We effectively highlight Churroland's 100% veg churros by adding a contemporary and relatable vibe through a storytelling approach. The content aligns with modern food culture where consumers seek out exciting flavours.

The posters’ design, including icons and images, captures attention. We used ample white space that allowed the design to breathe, keeping it light-hearted while providing clear and concise information.

That’s a sweet deal, literally

Business Collateral 

The Business collaterals carry a clean and minimalist design with the Churroland logo prominently displayed, conveying professionalism while also reflecting the brand's playful and joyful tone. 

We prioritised simplicity and ease of use while incorporating elements that reflect the brand's tone of playfulness. By striking this balance, we communicated the intended message while reinforcing the unique identity of Churroland as a delightful destination for churro lovers.