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The wild philosophy

BeWilder’s mission is to shake up the fashion industry and bring a fresh, alternative style to the masses by offering streetwear, athleisure, and fashion that breaks free from the norm. It’s all about breaking free from the norm and celebrating individuality.

The aim was to reinvent the streetwear market in India by offering quirky clothing that stands out from the usual.

BeWilder: A young and hip direct-to-consumer brand with a fresh take on streetwear and athleisure fashion.


Bringing BeWilder's vision to life

Welcome to BeWilder, where we revive the coolness of print. Our curated branding collateral sets the standard for our expressive and dynamic identity. 

On the web, BeWilder is all about being stylish and making a statement. The visually stunning website showcases a unique style with bold typography, vibrant colours, and high-quality imagery. It's user-friendly and makes shopping a breeze. More than that, it's a space to explore individuality, break free from norms, and embrace the wild side.

Brand packaging features playful copies that empower self-expression. Get ready to be bewitched by BeWilder's captivating experience.


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Unleashing the wild: the story behind the BeWilder name

The process of coming up with the name BeWilder was an intentional one - a name that reflected the brand's focus on self-expression, liberation, and freedom and something that would stand out in a crowded marketplace and be memorable to customers.

After extensive research and brainstorming, we landed on the name BeWilder, which was a play on the word "bewilderment." We liked the idea of creating a sense of wonder and amazement, and the name BeWilder embodied that perfectly. It also had a playful and adventurous vibe that we felt was perfect for our target audience. Overall, BeWilder captures the essence of the brand perfectly.


Wildly different: the brand's identity

BeWilder's logo speaks volumes with its stylish, expressive design. The letter 'e' takes inspiration from the wild, giving the logo a unique and unforgettable edge. The rough and bold typeface of the wordmark perfectly fits the brand's target audience seeking streetwear and athleisure clothing with a touch of quirkiness. The meticulous attention to detail during the design process ensures that the logo perfectly represents BeWilder's identity. We thoughtfully positioned and placed the logo to suit the urban streetwear fashion scene, making it a memorable and easily recognizable symbol of the values and mission of customers.

Bringing the BeWilder vibe to life: the visual identity

BeWilder's visual identity is a masterpiece that's all about being daring, fun, and cool. The logo, colour palette, and design elements capture the youthful and energetic essence of the brand, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The visual identity runs deep, with expressive elements that showcase the artistic side of BeWilder's branding. 

Picture a black and red patterned background with symmetrical shapes, creating a bold and unapologetic vibe that's 100% BeWilder. And let's not forget the scattered rectangles in different sizes, adding a unique and eye-catching aesthetic to the brand. It's multi-layered and impressive, setting BeWilder apart from the competition.

Painting the world wild: BeWilder's colour story

The BeWilder brand personality is embodied by a dynamic colour palette of bold red, black, and white. These colours were carefully chosen to evoke a vibrant, youthful, and energetic vibe, and to reflect the streetwear and activewear clothing offered by the brand. The use of bold red, in particular, was a conscious decision to set BeWilder apart from outdoor and sports gear brands. We believe that colours play a crucial role in shaping a brand's identity, and have taken great care to ensure that our colour scheme is consistent and eye-catching across all brand assets.

Speak wilder: BeWilder's unique approach to communication 

The copywriting perfectly captures BeWilder's unique persona and values. The words were carefully chosen to reflect the brand's focus on self-expression and freedom. We wanted customers to feel courageous and confident in their choice to look different, but always with a sense of mastery, growth, experimentation, and ambition. With the packaging and copywriting working together, BeWilder stands out like a boss in a crowded marketplace.

Expressing the personality: the typography that makes it wild 

To maintain consistency in all brand communication and effectively convey the image of the brand, BeWilder uses the following Typekit:

  • Heading: Adrianna Bold

  • Subheading: Adrianna Demibold

  • Body: Adrianna Demibold

These typefaces are well-suited for the brand's target audience, as they are bold, expressive and unapologetic, just like the brand. The Adrianna typeface family has a rough texture and a playful personality, making it a perfect fit for BeWilder's streetwear and athleisure clothing.

Making print cool again: bringing BeWilder's vision to life 

BeWilder's branding collateral are a carefully curated showcase of how the brand rocks in print. Our collateral set the standard for BeWilder’s expressive and dynamic brand identity. 


Navigating the online jungle: BeWilder on the world wide web 


BeWilder is a brand that is all about being expressive, and stylish. It's about making a statement with your fashion choices and feeling confident in your own skin. The website is a crucial extension of the brand, as it allows us to showcase the unique style and aesthetic to the world.

The website is designed to be visually stunning and impactful, with bold typography, vibrant colours, and high-quality imagery that showcases the products in the best possible light. It's also designed to be easy to navigate, with clear calls to action and a user-friendly interface that makes shopping with us a breeze.

But more than that, the website is a reflection of the BeWilder brand ethos. It's a space where people can come to explore and express their own individuality, break free from the norm and embrace their wild side. Whether you're a fashionista looking for the latest streetwear trends or someone who just wants to make a statement with their clothes, the BeWilder website is the perfect place to do it.


Making a statement: unbox the wildside 

BeWilder's packaging features playful and engaging copy that is aligned with the brand's overall message of encouraging people to embrace their unique style and express themselves freely. From the upbeat "Dang, you look great!" greeting on the polymailer to the stickers with the message "Be a little wilder today," the packaging copies and messaging are designed to make customers feel confident, empowered, and excited to wear BeWilder's products.

Get ready to be bewitched by BeWilder!