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Bed & Fur: A complete comfort provider for people across India seeking high-quality bedding, mattresses, and related products. With expertise in providing exceptional comfort, the products are designed to ensure a restful sleep experience.


Home Comfort Goods & Bedding

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Bed & Fur


Branding, Packaging Design, Website Design


In a fiercely competitive market in the bedding and comfort space, the scope for Bed & Fur included market differentiation and competitive positioning. Bed & Fur’s aim to revolutionise the idea of comfort was imperative to ensure its presence amidst competitors. The objective was to create a comprehensive retail branding strategy that not only showcased their product excellence but also showcased them as responsive, and friendly and struck a chord with their target demographic of individuals who share a love for good sleep. 

The scope extended to formulating a branding strategy, including complete retail branding, encompassing pivotal aspects like packaging system design, brand collateral design, and website design.


Our solution entailed an exhaustive research phase, analysing the market and competitors, and crafting audience-oriented content, design, and collateral development. We took an approach to cultivate the brand's welcoming, friendly, and caring personality with a humble yet confident tone of voice on all communication channels. This was complemented by curating a modern, stylish, and comforting visual identity showcased in the collateral, effectively encapsulating Bed & Fur's essence and resonating with consumers who appreciate restful sleep. 

We aimed to position the brand as the preferred and premium choice for individuals who prioritise comfort. To achieve this, we developed an intuitive and visually appealing identity that aligned seamlessly with the desired brand image.


Bed & Fur redefines comfort with its exquisite range of bedding, mattresses, and related goods.  Committed to delivering unparalleled relaxation, the brand creates an oasis of rejuvenation within every bedroom. 

It strives to create a sanctuary where individuals can truly unwind, fostering a sense of serenity which is reflected in the soft textures, soothing colours, and ergonomic designs that prioritise both physical and mental well-being.

Nurturing a sense of security and comfort, Bed & Fur creates an environment of genuine care and hospitality, ensuring that every interaction leaves a premium, warm, and lasting impression of satisfaction.

Snuggle symbols

Logo and design elements  

Employing a streamlined design ethos, the essence of simplicity, modernity, contemporary living, and sophistication is deftly captured in the logo. We took a minimalist approach to ensure adaptability across various media platforms while reinforcing a distinctive presence in the often-overlooked home goods industry. 

The identity elements, including the primary element and iconography, not only communicate the commitment to refined living but also strategically position Bed & Fur as a leading and premium authority in the competitive landscape of home goods. Clean lines and minimalist details define the icons, aligning seamlessly with Bed & Fur's modern and simplistic ethos. We communicated the key features subtly yet impactfully by creating and incorporating relevant and contemporary iconography.  

Just like how Bed & Fur welcomes one into a world of comfort, we picked the font Gotham Bold which greets the reader with open arms through its clean, approachable design, complemented with a curated colour palette consisting of Eminence and Rob Roy, exuding uniqueness and passion. 

From headlines to subtle body text, the typography and colour palette adapt seamlessly to various needs, ensuring consistency and cohesion across all communication channels. 

Dreamland, but make it online


The user-centric design places a strong emphasis on providing a smooth shopping experience, ensuring intuitive navigation and a hassle-free purchase journey for customers. We prioritised seamless interactions for the website to effectively reflect the commitment, ensuring that every online shopping experience is as delightful as its bedding products.

The tone of voice reflects the brand's personality – it's engaging, cheerful, and approachable. Through a conversational tone, we wove comfort and luxury together, aiming to both inform and entertain visitors. Our devised style of writing fosters a connection with readers, making them feel welcomed and engaged throughout their browsing experience while not compromising on quality.

This engagement not only communicates product details but also establishes an emotional connection with the audience, making the shopping experience more memorable. By incorporating quirky taglines and friendly prompts, we invited customers to explore the world of Bed & Fur with a sense of joy and anticipation.

Our design philosophy effortlessly merges minimalism with vibrancy, perfectly reflecting the Bed & Fur's friendly identity. Clean lines and a straightforward layout add to the minimalist charm, guaranteeing a visually appealing and clutter-free browsing journey.

By incorporating vibrant touches into the colour palette, we launched a burst of energy without overpowering the user experience. Our design selections, ranging from product imagery to contemporary icons, elevate the overall visual allure, enhancing engagement and enjoyment.

Adding extra layers of comfort 

Packaging system

The packaging was designed to evoke emotions and spark curiosity, encouraging consumers to engage with the product and envision how it would enhance their daily lives. Consisting of multiple layers for each pillow, comforter, cushion, and mattress, it was created to reinforce the brand's personality and convey comfort and cosiness, also reflected in other collaterals.

We chose a tone of voice that exudes a sense of casual playfulness and approachability. With this, we aimed to create an emotional connection with our customers, making them feel at ease and excited about their purchases. We ensured that the messaging had a touch of humour and warmth while keeping it simple and direct to convey the versatility of Bed & Fur’s products. 

For example, we used phrases like "first things first, take me out! said your new mattress" and "not just eye-candy, but comfort-candy too," to personify the products, making them more relatable and appealing to the consumer's emotions.

For the design, we ensured a clean and modern aesthetic with bold typography and vibrant yet comforting, cool-toned colours to enhance visibility. We took a minimalistic approach to provide users with a transparent and straightforward representation of the brand and streamline their visual experience.

For example, here, we deliberately created moon-shaped assets to not only provide visual hierarchy but also to add depth and dimensionality. This element adds a touch of playfulness and modernity, aligning with the Bed n Fur's innovative identity.

Get the best sleep on the #Bednfurbulous side 

We chose the hashtag #Bednfurbulous not only because it is clever and effective but also because it adds a playful touch, making it memorable through its witty wordplay. It effortlessly reflects Bed & Fur's lively and upbeat energy, resonating with audiences in a fun and engaging manner.

Work with us

We are privileged to have played a significant role in the remarkable transition journey of the Bed & Fur. At Grapdes, we are committed to delivering tailored brand strategies, creative design solutions, and digital strategies that empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape of today.

Our team is passionate about creating custom solutions that align with the unique needs and objectives of each client partner. We take pride in our ability to craft cohesive brand experiences, build robust digital footprints, and drive tangible results. 

If you are interested in discovering how our services can propel your business towards similar success, we invite you to reach out to us. We are excited to explore the possibilities and collaborate on your brand's transformative journey.

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