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The founding team approached us with an interesting proposition of launching a cloud kitchen brand to serve Asian-fusion cuisine that is recognized for having a distinct and eccentric identity. Driven by their passion for experimental food and the rich Asian culture they wanted us to translate that for the brand identity.

Asian Nomad provides never-before experiences by paying attention to the highest hygiene standards and gastronomical experiences and concentrating on ingredients, taste, and presentation to bring the Asian culture to the plate. With a meticulous selection of flavors, innovative dishes and carefully designed recipes the brand aims to create a memorable dining experience.

Asian Nomad: A cloud kitchen in Gurugram offering one-of-a-kind experimental and conceptual Asian-fusion cuisine for patrons to enjoy at home.


Brand Strategy & Naming

After multiple ideation sessions and visualization planning with our client partner, we decided to create a visual appeal that generates curiosity and seeks the immediate attention of the target audience. To capture the vision of our client partner we came up with a brand identity that is conceptualized and built around a story of a nomad, the first citizen of the brand – the Asian Nomad.

The Asian Nomad is a traveler at heart, a gourmet by nature, and an enthusiast of them for life. The Nomad represents the true personality of the brand. All the dishes are a result of the nomad from Asia going around the world to enjoy the choicest cuisines each country had to offer: but as an unparalleled fusion experience of cultures. Bringing the best of global cuisines and Asian fare, the nomad represents the new standard of at-home gastronomical experiences. Each dish the patrons pick has a story, we call it the fusion tales of Asian Nomad.

Brand Design

The logo of the brand is a mascot representing the Asian Nomad. The logo is positioned as an Asian painting for the best brand recall. It is a piece of design that is a tribute to the journey that spans the entire geography of the world but with a strong rooting in Asian culture.

The visual scheme of the brand is illustrative and the brand color palette is a full spectrum of colors with a watercolor texture. As an extension of the brand visual scheme, the packaging and brand assets represent various well-known monuments from all around the world and paintings inspired by the Asian culture.


Food and Beverage, Cloud Kitchen

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Asian Nomad


Brand Strategy & Naming, Brand Design, Packaging & Collateral Design

While the Nomad is taking the brand patrons on a culinary world tour and serving them with irresistible Asian-fusion delicacies, in much less time the visual identity of the Asian Nomad has caught the attention of the large audience compelling them to become the permanent denizens of the brand.