case study



Sathwik Herbals is a food and wellness brand focusing on developing products using the best of what nature has to offer.


Naming, Branding, Collateral Design



Sathwik signage 1.jpg

the brand

Sathwik Herbals intends to pick quality over quantity by ensuring that the goodness of organic products is not lost to consumerism. The brand intends to give herbal alternatives to many daily-use goods of the FMCG sector, such as masalas, toiletries, etc. The portfolio of their products is adaptive of everything that is a healthier alternative to the existing chemical-ridden mainstays.

the identity

The detailed intricacies of the logo reflect the commitment of the brand to the age-old practices of developing daily-use products. The brand uses light and earthy tones to stay true to its vision of staying simple and unadulterated while staying rooted with mother nature. The overall design scheme of the brand is sophisticated and rich to specifically appeal to the market class that does not mind the extra burden on their pockets when it comes to things that they will consume. 

Cosmetic Bottle Mockups.jpg