case study

Sabby's Patisserie

Sabby’s is a home-bakery in Mumbai that makes delicious cakes and other baked desserts.


Naming, Branding, Collateral Design, Packaging Design



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Sabb's Cake box mockup 1.jpg

the brand

Sabby’s embodies one’s love for the baked desserts. With gourmet cakes and other baked goods, Sabby’s Patisserie wishes to be at the top of any dessert-lover’s wishlist. The brand identity of Sabby’s is young, effeminate, and celebratory. The essence that is at the foundation of the brand is love and each communication by the brand should be able to convey a loving and welcoming tone. The brand creatives shall incorporate ample breathing space along with the confetti spread in the background to put out a consistent identity base for the brand.

the identity

The visual identity of the brand has been characterized as playful and chilled-out. As a bakery’s, it is important for the visual identity to evoke feelings of ease and fun and therefore the identity leverages soft hues of pink and a spread of confetti to create the effect of playfulness for the viewer. All collateral and packaging are carefully designed to best encapsulate their class and spirit, and to quickly establish them in the market.

Sabb's Cake box mockup.jpg
Sabby's collateral 1.jpg