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Gag's Kitchen



Gag’s Kitchen is a cool and quirky university cafeteria with a clear aim to be the one-stop hangout spot for all on campus.


Naming, Branding, In-house Branding

Collateral Design, Packaging Design



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the brand

As a brand, Gag’s Kitchen is setting out to define an experience which is one of a kind. Gag’s aims to provide a setting where each person is part of an extended community. A community that comes together to share their stories and spend time together over a simple cup of coffee or an elaborate meal.

the identity

Gag’s Kitchen offers the physical space that enables the coming together of people.The space is of paramount importance to the brand and that is exactly what the identity is created around. Gag’s Kitchen is a physical space with a different purpose for every person. The core part of the logo is that abstract representation of space and it has been kept intact across all collateral. The typography of the brand showcases it as a modern and dynamic entity that is vocal and ready to listen.

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