case study


Educademic is an online networking platform for the stakeholders of the education sector, including but not limited to students, teachers, tutors and academicians.


Brand Audit, Naming, Rebranding, Collateral Design, Illustrations, Social Media Management



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the brand

Educademic is a brand looking to provide an online platform for students and academicians to find each other and network. Besides being a social networker, Educademic is also an aggregator for tutoring and other education services by helping create an online marketplace for all the stakeholders to sign up for the paid services that they are looking for.


The most important problem the existing identity had was the complete lack of one. Without any kind of consistent approach towards communication meant that the brand could never develop a name for itself.


Educademic, formerly known as “Shikshaam Dehi”, approached us for a complete overhaul of their identity. Our audit revealed the strong suits of the brand besides the shortcomings that we started to fix with this rebrand. The new identity stands out as modern and showcases itself as a fresh tech brand. The name for the brand wholesomely retains the core message from its existing brand name, but the visual language has gone through a complete changeover into what you see now.

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