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Chennai Chowpatty

Chennai Chowpatty is a quirky joint bringing the famous street food from Mumbai to the people of Chennai; bringing together an unexpected fusion of mouth-watering



Brand Design, In-house Branding,

Art Direction, Print Design



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the brand

The famed Chowpatty of Mumbai has a variety of street food on offer. The people behind Chennai Chowpatty put together a team from Mumbai to ensure that they bring the food to Chennai with the same authentic taste and feel.

the identity

The brand identity of Chennai Chowpatty is an ode to the cultural exchanges of Bombay and Madras, but of course with a modern-day twist. The brand personality of Chennai Chowpatty is vintage but certainly relatable.


The logo is a vintage-style emblem which brings together a host of architectural landmarks from both of the cities which stand tall even today. We created the identity to give the due share of importance to both of these places so as to create an image that is based upon this amalgamation culture (and the foods) of both these places.

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